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Patch’s Playhouse was the idea of our two daughters, Piper & Tatum.  Patch's is the name of our yellow lab.  Pickles & Buttercup are our other two little dogs at home.  The girls help come up with ideas for classes, help with the selection of items to carry and are involved in business making decisions.  

How It Works
White Wood.png

Step 1

Step 2

Step 4

Step 3

Pick It

Select a piece! We offer over 1000+ pieces ranging from $8 to $150

Select an UNLIMITED  amount of paint from our selection of over 70+ colors

Choose Your Paint

Design It

You don’t need to be an artist! Our friendly staff can show you techniques to ensure your piece comes out perfect!

Leave It

Leave your piece with us to complete the process. We will text you in typically 5-7 days to come pick up your artwork!!

Our studio offers "all-inclusive pricing" meaning each piece is priced for the complete project (all you need to do is add tax). No studio fees!

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